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S a f e t y

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20th Safety Convention

Safety Convention is being organized to arrange a platform to collaborate with industries, organizations, corporates and individuals with focus on the most important "thing" required these days; that is relearning and re-emphasizing the basics.

To ensure that the values and beliefs that will result in safe behaviors are embodied in the culture of an organization and embraced at all levels. When this occurs, the result is inevitably that all employees are trained, equipped and protected at the highest levels possible. They possess the attitudes and beliefs that will impact their decision-making related to safety, health and the environment every day, at work and at home. This applies not only to those at work in line positions, but equally to corporate and site management & line/labor leaders. ensure Safety for Sustainable Development and Workplace Safety.

Theme :

Back to Basics for Strengthening EHS & Sustainable Foundation

  • EHS and leadership skills
  • From compliance to competitive advantage
  • Leading sustainability and human capital
  • Collaborating with other industries
  • What we can learn from past incidents
  • Healthier workplaces
  • Future risks, challenges, and opportunities
  • Role of Artificial Intelligence for Ensuring Sustainable & Safe Future.
  • Role of Artificial Intelligence in Ensuring Industrial Safety.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Safety & Security.
  • Transportation Safety.
  • Construction Safety.
  • Energy Safety.
  • Public Safety- Environment & Food Safety
  • Chemical & Fire Safety.

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